Licensing of Foreign Qualified Doctors in Costa Rica

I am a Orthopedic Surgeon and my wife is a Radiologist.
We studied in India and work as Medical specialists in New Delhi, India.

We are considering to immigrate to Costa Rica.

We want to know the rules and procedure required to get approval to work as Doctors in Costa Rica on the basis of our education and work in India.

Any information or links will be much appreciated


My guess would be that probably no one here can answer that. I would suggest talking to whatever government body regulates Doctors here. You might also try an attorney here who deals with labor and/or immigration.

Sorry I can't be of any real help. Maybe you'll get lucky and someone else here may know something about it or someone you could speak with about it.
Good luck!

As far as I am aware, all those practicing in medical  professions must be recertified here in Costa Rica with exams in Spanish, and you would be required to be bilingual.

I didn't think to add Residency information in my previous post. Rules regarding working in the country

Thanks for your replies. I will research more

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