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Do you wish to settle in Surabaya? Find out, in this article, how to proceed to find accommodation there.

Located in East Java, Surabaya is the second Indonesian and Asian metropolis after Jakarta, the capital city. Stretching over some 326 km², it is one of the country's major destinations regarding expatriation due to its liveliness and dynamism. Its population, to date, amounts to nearly 6 million inhabitants. Note that the city hosts the country's biggest port, the Tanjung Perak, as well as the Navy's Eastern Fleet.

In fact, Surabaya's port greatly facilitates the trade of tobacco, coffee and sugar, which are the country's main raw materials. But the city also hosts business centers, office buildings, as well as international industries having been set up there.

As regards accommodation, you will be surprised by the region's development projects consisting of huge skyscrapers, apartments and condos, as well as hotels. In fact, many tourists prefer to stay in Surabaya so as to escape Jakarta's bustling life.

 Good to know:

Surabaya consists of 31 districts. Tambaksari, Rungkut, Sukolilo, Gubeng, Wonokromo, Tandes, Sukomanunggal, Sawahan, Kenjeran, Semampir and Krembangan are its most popular districts, each with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

Find accommodation

There is no shortage of housing in Surabaya. During your accommodation search, if you are already on the spot, you can tour the different neighborhoods to spot signs indicating "villa for rent" or "disewakan rumah". Those offering a basic comfort level generally cost an average of 2 million Indonesian rupees per year. If you are dealing directly with an owner over a luxurious housing unit, feel free to negotiate a decrease in the rent price.

 Good to know:

Like in the rest of Indonesia, rents in Surabaya are paid on a yearly basis. Thus, you will be required to settle a two year's rent in advance if you are planning to occupy the housing unit for that scheduled period. But some owners may also agree for a settlement into two to three installments.

You may also view accommodation offers on the Internet, or even relying on networking or word-of-mouth if you have friends and contacts in the region.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Surabaya can be relatively high compared to those applied in Jakarta. Therefore, you are advised to opt for studios or Kos, or even for home-stay if you do not have important financial means. A minimum comfort level generally includes warm water, air conditioning for affordable housing and additional security and maintenance services in the case of luxury accommodation.

Thus, to rent a three bedroom apartment, you will need an average of 5,132,467 Indonesian rupees per month in the outskirts and an average of 8,411,948 Indonesian rupees per month in the city center. For a single bedroom apartment, you will need an average of 2,639,740 Indonesian rupees in the outskirts and some 6,523,584 Indonesian rupees in the city center.

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