Leisure in China

Wondering what to do during your spare time in China? Find below more information on sports, leisure and cultural activities.

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During your stay in China, you can explore its mountains and forests, discover its historical relics, and experience the urban culture of its cities.

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It's easy to practice your favourite sport in China, with good facilities throughout the country, particularly in urban areas.

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Chinese cuisine varies across different provinces and involves a range of ingredients and spices. International cuisines are available in most cities.

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There is no one Chinese language, though Puthonghua is most commonly spoken. You can start learning before you leave, or enroll in a course once in China.

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Qingdao, in China, has a colorful nightlife. You can find many bars, clubs and local hangout spots across this fast growing city.

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Visiting Beijing for the first time and on tight schedule, here are few suggestions to plan your trip...

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See sights in Beijing and get a feel for the city in 3 days. Good for those who are going through Beijing on their way to another destination or if you're here on a long weekend.

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