Moving to Al Khobar


i'm relocating soon in Al Khobar and looking to rent a flat. Any advice on the best places to look into?

Try--> Al Mutlaq Compound. Villas has 2, 3, 4 bedrooms.

Hi..I know this thread is for accomodation but I couldn't find a thread for schools, so I posting it all here. We might be moving soon to Al-Khobar. Which international schools do not require English proficiency? And which are the best compounds? Also, is there an Italian expat group in Khobar, preferably families with school-age children? I have searched but I've been unable to find any. Please post a link or group name so I can contact them directly. I have many questions regarding school.

Generally speaking, international schools in Saudi (expat frequented ones) do not compare in quality to those in Bahrain or the UAE.  As a consequence, you have kids going daily from Khobar to schools in Bahrain - this is why they have the student/special needs line on the causeway.  I actually know of an Italian family in Bahrain whose kids didn't have proficiency in English and were accepted into RVIS and then ended up learning English.  Don't know about Khobar.

@alaa78  hi try manarat and al hussan international schools