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I have tried living in Mersin for the past 4 months. My husband is Turkish and I am looking for friends who can speak English and really just friends to help me retire there in the near future. Finding gender equality challenging there and according to my husbands friends and family it's not safe for woman to go out at night without a male escort. I am from a democratic country and not used to such rules. I love the place but without my own set of friends it's really hard to live my own life
I can come toersin amd meet you as  friends😊
@margmarg hi

I'm ac English  female living in Izmir with my Turkish boyfriend I having the same experience as you by the sounds of it ,,you can  text me back if you wish to chat  ? Xx

@margmarg Is Mersin nice place?

@margmarg Maybe Turkey is not for you. It's a very different way of living there. You must not forget its a Muslim country and they have their own ethics. As we expect immigrants to live in Europe and abide by our laws, we can't blame them to expect us to respect their laws, religion and culture. Live and let live.

@Rabbani Shaik hi Mersin is a nice place I enjoy the place near the beach. Good place to retire and many opportunity for development

@emmasharp210 Congratulations! Hving a Turkish boyfriend is good (when will you marry)

@emmasharp210 Hello I am in Izmir as well

@Guest97853 Unfortunately during the last years Turkey has changed a lot and it is not very safe to hang out late at night alone. Luckily I live in Izmir - Karsiyaka which is not the case. I hang out a lot with my girl friends, go to concert etc .

Izmir was elected the "city which reflected the European values the most in 2022 " Did you see that article ?

@sinemolmezer hi,

No, I didn't. Izmir is nice. Also the area around.

@Guest97853 ohh good to hear that.

@Guest97853 Hi, are you in Mersin still?

no sorry

Izmir is a nice and friendly place to live , i only spent a few days there

Best cities for women in Turkey

Izmir,Alanya and Eskisehir.Many women walking alone no one bothers.

In Eskisehir .Police chief is so good.There are lots of undercover cops everywhere worse than Houston.


Found an article about Mersin from 2014, most people do not recommend living there as a solo woman due to the high intake of foreign and local migrants, they mention the demographic and secular culture of the city has changed.


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Mersin is quite gender equal, and a very safe for women to go out whenever she wants. Certainly far safer than most middle-to-big cities in the EU, and UK (not to mention the US). Few minorities from South-East or Romas are exempt from this rule but Mersin is certainly more SW Euro-like than actual “Muslim” places.