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I am looking at moving down to Belize in September of 2022. I have two dogs minimum of a two bedroom with a fenced yard. Does anyone have any good ideas?

please read my pm

Have you researched moving your dogs here.  We just did it December and it was the hardest part of moving to belize and in all it was about $4000 to
Get our 2 dogs here. So just be Prepared for that
$1000 for the medical health certificate from the vet and to get them to change their breed so they can fly.
Because we wad is atlanta we had to get them to Miami to fly with Amerijet that was $947
The transportation to Miami was $500
They had to board for 3 nights in Miami because the flight cdd as canceled 2 times that was $550
The duties to get into belize was $400
We sent them two weeks early so boarding again was about $300. 
It took 4 days to get them to belize.

Let me know your thoughts 🤔 I can help in any way I can.  We had a great support system.

I am going there for a visit next month.  I will be looking at long term rentals,  while I am there.
It is my hope to move there also.    If I see anything I will let you know.  What price range donyou need?


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We're headed to Belize (from Indiana) in 2 days!!!

We're very interested in retiring there eventually. We'd like to find a month long rental in June 2022 on Ambergris Caye; preferably just north of San Pedro.

Any suggestions?

What size property are you interested in?

2-3 bedroom.

Please let me know as well… doing the same thing

We have a long term 1 bedroom main floor duplex rental on the Caribbean.  Quiet expat location on a cul de sac. Designed with 11 foot ceilings, king sized bed in the bedroom, all furniture, appliances, T.V. included. In town in Corozal, 20 miles from Chethumal.  All linens and kitchen requirements are also included.  Maximum of 2 people, non smokers and no pets.  This is a duplex, but 6 months out of the year, the yard is all yours.  Gated and pull down security shutters allow you to get away without worry.  The price is only $575.00 U.S. dollars plus utilities.

I'm interested.  Will be in San Pedro on 27-30th of this month looking for places to lease. 
Jimmy Blackwell
I'm on Whatsapp

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I'm moving to Belize as soon as I can find a place to lease long term.  Have been looking  mainly  in the San Pedro  area, but am open to consider other areas as well. Making a trip this month 37-30th to secure a place. Please let me know if anyone  knows of something  that might fit what I'm looking for.

Jimmy Blackwell
Also on Whatsapp  at the above number.

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Thank you for the post very interested but we will not be moving till September or or early October of the year . I am just trying to make some contacts with people familiar with real estate in Belize . My lady has lived there before , this is a new thing for me . I do like the location and price . Thought about a little further south though . Maybe Hopkins , Riverdale , Dadriga . Stan Creek at any rate .

@sherriparkwaiting I am looking for a long term rental.  I am a quiet 61 yo female. Na,bd, no pets. My ph num now is *****

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I have a long term rental in San Ignacio. Fully furnished and fenced yard with pets welcome. You can check out the ad here. Blessings!

@fayeseida i have tried to call you. Are you in B.C.?   please try to call me as I left a message with an AB number.  Otherwise leave a message for ***** as to a time that might be good to reach you.

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@sherriparkwaiting where is this at.  Do you pictures 

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