Moving to Pakistan from UK

Hi All,

I am seriously considering moving to Pakistan from the UK this summer.

Im born and raised in the UK but am well accustomed to the Pakistan culture and way of life. I really think I can live a better standard of life in Pakistan, compared to the UK, where I have had enough of the 9-5 working life.

My family background is from a village close to Jhelum.

I would like to get some advice on:
1. Employment & Business opportunities
2. Living arrangements - is it worth renting a property somewhere like Citi Housing initially before buying a house)
3. Education facilities for children

Any input is welcome :)


My Brother.
Hope you're doing well.

This is Muhammad Usman from Rawalpindi, Pakistan a professional Online Quran Tutor and Student.

First, I admire your Decision

I Read your Text, and Happy to know, you wanna adopt Islamic Culture.

Rawalpindi and Islamabad are the best cities, according to my knowledge, here u enjoy all types of facilities:

Excellent Colleges & School for Kids
Employment & Business Opportunities: Open for u if u are well educated.
Living arrangements:
Renting property is Also available.
Differents Marts, parks & PlayGround and much more.

Thanks & Regards
Muhammad Usman

If you required my help and Quran Lesson Services, then Direct Text me. In Shaa Allah, I'll Happy To Help You.

Take Care!

If you rent a house in Rawalpindi or Islamabad for six months or a year then think of what you have to do. Recently I have done the same for a friend.

Thank you Usman, I will keep that in mind

Thank you for your response is your friend finding the adjustment to life in PK?

I have a lot of problems but he says slowly everything will be fine. By the way, I am dealing with dew. My friend wants to do something on his own.

Hi Brother, I'm in the same position as you...just joined this forum

Hi Everyone, my name is Shahab Awan.  I am 58 years of age, a Pakistani with British nationality and have been a resident in London UK for over 40 years.  I am married with 4 children aged 5, 8 (twins) and 13.

Although well settled in UK for many years My wife and I have been thinking of settling in Pakistan.  It's naturally a massive decision as we would need to sell property and relocate permanently, however we have strong family ties in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Muree so feel confident, albeit apprehensive about the move.

Over the past few years we have managed to build a large house in Rawalpindi which we use whenever we travel to Pakistan, usually once or twice a year.

Our aim is to sell our property in London and hopefully purchase a house in Islamabad or Bahria and use some of our money to perhaps start a business.  I have some guaranteed regular income from London so the plan is to retire in Pakistan; the business idea more for keeping occupied than a real necessity.

We feel our biggest challenge will be the children settling in schools...fortunately they all speak decent Urdu, and of course are fluent in English.

Hoping I will get some useful feedback and advice from friends who may have taken the steps that we're planning to take in the coming 12 months

Dear sir
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Prof. Asif

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Thank you.  InshaAllah I will later today as unable to at the moment

Kind Regards

Shahab Awan

Ok sir

If you can manage yourself, you can work successfully and if you think employees will benefit you, you will be at a disadvantage by relying on partners and partners.

Dear All !,

I do recommend my homeland Pakistan for a permanent stay ... in Pakistan you can live your life according to your wishes and desire (Islamic way).

2nd thing which I may help out or advise you is "do busin ess" instead of getting job.....

Remember ; You've to compromise on your comforzone while moving to Pakistan and after a passage of time your comfort zone will be as per your desire


You may contact with me ***

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Have a good day!

I do recommend you to have a business setup here in Pakistan.

As I'm doing used clothing business ... so I may help out you in this area.

What you've to do is find out the best used clothing supplier from UK and then I'll connect with you from local buyers here in Pakistan.

So we'll proceed accordingly.

Sajjad Ahmed

Have you decided yet?
I lived in mirpur for 3 years with my kids n loved it!
Regret moving back to the UK.

Hi all,

Thanks for all your previous help. I'm still exploring and looking at visiting Pakistan post Covid-19 restrictions.

I have decided my plan of action: Hopefully, I first intend to come to Islamabad and explore the areas and get a feel of the atmosphere, areas and life in general. I know this will be very different from a "tourist" point of view as opposed to someone who is settling there.

I then hopefully intend to spend some extended time in the city over the following year which will allow us to make a more informed decision.

I'm still looking to buy a property nonetheless. My primary search has been in Bahria town but I have been doing some generic searches.

I came across this:

Trivelles PK Smart Location

Can anyone comment on this in terms of area, facilities etc. It looks amazing, but seeing is believing.



Dear ,

I am based in Karachi, running a logistics company.

As far as business/working is concerned. you can work with us.

add me on watsapp lets talk

Kashif  Pirzada

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I think you should move to Pakistan It is a beautiful country to live in. Freedom is a major attribute when you choose to move here.

I currently live in Islamabad, I moved back from Oslo after 10 years, considering a better quality of life. But there are few things to consider before you make a move. It might be a bit different then you think. It is not an easy task to settle with locals as there is an huge mind gap keep all of this in your mind. Living in Pakistan can be challenging some times and you will face unexpected difficulties initially but it is not unusual to come over all of these concerns, take a thorough visit before you consider moving. I would suggest you to temporarily rent out a place before buying any property. And Please Note do not trust anybody easily there are a lot of scammers and gold diggers around. I think you needed an honest opinion so there it is.

Pakistan is vastly growing in Exports especially in IT Exports so much so that Pakistan had 30B Dollars worth of IT Exports in 2021 alone, I think its a very good reason to invest in IT export services. I work for couple of online companies if you need any help regarding online business or other advice feel free to contact me on Whatsapp *** I would be looking forward to establish a new contact.

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Hi all,

Plans for moving somewhat delayed due to Covid-19. However, I have been researching and exploring.

I initially opted to move to Karachi from the UK due to family members being in Karachi. However, I was advised to move to Islamabad as the climate and development would suite me better. Having researched this, I found this to be very true and excellent advise.

I am now looking at areas within Islamabad where housing would be most appropriate.

I have looked at Bahria Town, but I believe this falls under Rawalpindi (Phase 1-6). I know there are other Bahria areas such as Enclave.

I found Bahria Town Phase 1-6 area having many local amenities and activities nearby. The Giga Mall shopping Centre is not too far, the airport is just over an hour away, there are many local shops and restaurants, entertainments areas, Intellectual Village etc.

Does Rawalpindi Bahria Town differ to that of Islamabad's?

Any particular areas members would advise looking at? I would like to have areas where you don't have to use the car for everything and a walk in the daytime / evening is possible and it is lively etc.

Also, are there any agents that you would recommend? I mostly use but would like some options, if there are others.

I am planning on visiting Islamabad soon, maybe this December, depending on the travel restrictions etc. I would like to do some research before I come so I can explore potential areas.

Thanks in advance.


Assalamualikom, i am moving to Pak too InshAllah i am from lahore. My plan is to rent house first before i buy a house. The working environment and people approach towards work in Pakistan is different, i would suggest to first live and get used to the country before investing. One thing which is good and that is kids upbringing compare to uk. Good luck

I am moving to Pakistan too InshAllah. Islamabad is great and Lahore is good too. It all depends on your goal and what exactly you looking for. I wish you good luck InshAllah next year i will be moving to Pakistan too with my kids.

@raitalha2017 I am looking moving from UK and need more information on IT export business. Can you share your whatsapp number please.

Kind Ragards
Assalam o alaikum guys,
I live in London UK i am here from nearly 15 years married to a Irish/Russian have 3 gora kids, we are also moving soon to Lahore Pakistan, the main reason of moving is so kids can learn religion Islam and pray 5 times of nimaz a day.
Thats the only goal we have right now, maybe will start a business InshAllah if everything will be fine.
May Allah tala make your journey easy for you and your family.
How old are your children?
Lahore sounds nice but I've heard it's alittle dangerous there...
But I guess if you're originally from there you will know better.

Good luck!
Kind regards
Thanks Imaan,
My oldest kid is 7 years old then 5 and then 3 years old, Our aim is to move before the oldest one turn 10 because in that case it will be easy for him to integrate in school and and with other kids.
I have seen in London majority of people who are moving back to their countries have set deadline of their kids age @ 10 , after this age it is very hard for kids to integrate.
In Pakistan their is good education system as well,  all my family members have studied in Lahore before moving to UK.

I was born in Lahore actually and have some properties still there then moved to London at the age of 20 and with also rest of the family.
there aren't much business opportunities here. only thing you can get is an education at university level that too if you are luck. there is this politics that run in the country, who ever travels even once abroad is considered a foreigner, and you must adhere to the talks that you are asked to in order to find a place for your self in the country. this territory is resistant to change and people when they come from abroad they try to change everything and it is not possible when it is forcefully told to them and action taken against them then they feel heart broken and start fighting which is only going to make the condition worse for everyone especially you who is an outsider.

there is no better thing that you can do is to listen and do better for your self. after all they are telling for your good and not bad. they want you to be better and do better in life for you. also if you start getting bullied here it gets worse and it leaves one on the streets and they fall pray to all kinds of bad on the street which eventually makes you to leave your identity and go hopeless and feel defeated. which you shouldn't do to your self.

you should look for what is going on here and what is possible, not business or jobs but something that will bring better understanding of this place to you and change you life for the better which you could remember later in life.

if you have a qualification you must look for a job opportunity elsewhere in the world where you have some knowledge of the place and something you could do in life for your self.

you must go back to UK do some education to your self and work there itself and this is good for you mental health. you are thinking short term in your life and it will change you which is a bad influence for you. work there, improve your standards back in the UK and you will feel better living there. keep a side hobby that will keep you occupied and you will spend a good time there.

@Shah G Traders Official

salam could  you advise on your business i to live in uk would like to start this business

@Shah G Traders Official

salam Sajid I was reading your reply  I live in uk I would like further advise on this used clothing business as I would like to move to pakistan. The used clothing people are collecting are in the  large charity containers . Where people  take free clothing.



salam I'm from uk  how can I contact about your IT work to settle in pakistan.


Hi all

I am 53 years old and am thinking of moving to the Islamabad area. Would like to learn Arabic and Qur'an properly. No worries about money, as I have income from multiple properties in the UK. My children are also all grown and taken care of. Wanted to ask if there are any recommendations for where to study.

The best way to learn Quran and Sunnah is to join engineer Muhammad Ali Mirza who belongs to Jhelum.

You may also see his videos on YouTube.

@WahidUK Assalam u alaikum Wahid brother , i can help you can we talk on whatsapp plz this is my whatsapp number u may text me ***

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Thanks Bhavna. I agree.

I think what I was trying to say was that I am looking to move to Islamabad regardless, and was looking for suggestions for learning Qur'an and Arabic while I am there anyway.