Where can I enter the country of Madagascar?

I've been trying to get to Madagascar the last 3 to 4 months.  I keep seeing that the airport are closed to Americans Because of coved 19. I want to live in Madagascar.... I am retired...... And I met a wonderful woman that lives there who is waiting for me.........  I am ready to go to Madagascar now.... my bags are packed literally. Who can I contact to get [ accurate information] about when I can enter the country?  I'm old school and not computer savvy!! I want to live the simple life with my wonderful lady there in Madagascar.  But I need accurate information on when I can enter the country.  THANKYOU  very much for your time and help on this.

you can enter the country through Nosy Be but as far as I know, you can not leave nosy be unless you have resident visa status such as family regrouping, investor...etc

Thank you for your reply.... I must make it to the Mainland so looks like all I can do is just wait!!  Waiting for the airports to open .....its been hard for me.... It will be a great day when I finally able to go to Madagascar...... There are many friends I made over the last year.....  Can't wait to see them all.... Thanks again

Nosey be route also closed currently.

mayflower2015 wrote:

Nosey be route also closed currently.

Yes Nosy Be route has been closed for almost 2 months now, because of a second wave that started about 2 months ago.   The President speaks this Sunday and many people, mostly in the tourist industry are hoping that the borders will open. 

The number of cases has gone down from some 800 daily count about two months ago to what you see below to 14 new cases. 

covid-19June 21 2021
⚫ 2 dead

🔴 14 new cases 513 tests

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