Ancestry Visa Question

Hi folks,

Some few months ago, I learned of the existence of the Ancestry Visa, and began digging for the paperwork for my Grandmother who came to the US from Manchester, UK.

I recently stumbled over another mention of the Ancestry Visa which stated that it was only available to citizens of Commonwealth countries.

Now I am unsure as to what to believe.

My intent was to retire in the UK, with Social Security from the US, and telecommuting part-time with the US company that I am already currently telecommuting with (and maybe some self-employment projects I've been wanting to get to).

Any ideas, hints, or suggestions would be very welcome.


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Being a Commonwealth citizen is definitely one of the main requirements to qualify for an Ancestry visa, so it is not open to US citizens (you can blame the "Sons of Liberty" for that one).

Unfortunately, the UK does not offer retirement visas to anybody; so you're only real option is to try and get a UK work visa and then qualify via the Residence rules.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

As stated above. I am guessing both parents were not UK citzens, then you could oobtain citizenship via descent. Any parent or grandparent from Ireland? Then via descent and live and wotk in the UK due to Common Travel Area compact which was established long before Brexit. My mum was English born, grandmother Irish born so claimed both.