Hi Everyone. I live in LA and arrived here from the UK in 2016. I have a mortgage back in the UK in a property that i now rent out under a consent to let. I want to move this mortgage to a buy to let with a different UK bank. ( cant be done with the original bank). Ive spoken to LLoyds bank and they told me i have to have my salary income in the usa paid in sterling to be eligible. Does any one know of any UK banks that can consider the remortgage of an expat. I can stay with my current bank but only on the present consent to let and want to move it to a buy to let which will also allow me to borrow on the mortgage. Appreciate any advice.

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Barclays and HSBC permit business accounts from overseas residents.  Whether they'd be interested in financing your buy to let is another matter, but I'd start there first.

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