Cost of Flying pet cat from Cyprus to Ireland

Just wondering if anyone can offer advice on this subject. Myself and my wife are returning to Ireland in August  for a family wedding. We may stay for a few months before returning to Larnaca, she wants to bring the cat with her. We have been quoted  €850 for one way by a pet export firm in Larnaca. Needless to say I think its exorbatant, its just a normal cat not a tiger. Ryanair are the only direct flights to Dublin from Cyprus (Paphos).  I was expecting the cost of transporting the cat to be under €100, maybe Im just out of touch.

I would welcome anyone who has gone through this process and if it cost them this much. The cat has his passport and everything else required. Any advice would be welcome.

PS. Ryanair dont allow cats or dogs unless its a guide dog.

Sounds ludicrously expensive - especially as they don't travel in the cabin!

Hope it's a lot lot cheaper as we will need to bring two cats out with us when we move.... :(


It is expensive for sure.... we work for a local animal welfare group and we know from that that cats are expensive to fly back to uk....

I would suggest putting an open question out on the ask anything or where why how pages on facebook to get replies from those who have flown their pets and you will be surprised how many people who do help out in this field . also i would suggest a further question about catteries or (in home or out of home) care of your pets whilst you are away....

On the rare occasion we rehome cats it can easily hit €600-700 = I know when we relocated here from malta with our own cat it cost more for him than the pair of us on airmalta/emirates  --and that was just one way and was 6 years ago

depends on the size of the cat/dog whether it travels in the hold or the cabin... ours was over 8kg and had to travel in the hold... very traumatic in my opinion....

Good luck

Just also remember the EU pet passports arent likely to be valid after the B word kicks in on Jan 1st 2021...(albeit ok for EU national travellers)  just incase for any reason there is a delay or travel routes change in getting back to Cyprus .... thus much more expensive as quarantine may be required.

Just another thought popped into my head I knew someone last year who had to take a different flight route to cater for 3 dogs and a cat  returning to UK  - i think they flew via Greece and Aegean airways just to get affordable transport for their pets.... and if my memory serves me right it still cost them over €1200 just for their pets

Thanks for the advice guys....yes we will have to look at some of the different options you my ignorance I was expecting it to cost under €100 for the cat....since the direct flights for the two of us are only €43 each.. it would be hard to justify €850 for the moggie...especially as I'm not a huge cat person..prefer the mutts...myself...

Anyway...we will explore other options as suggested, and see how we get on..

Thanks again..

Please post back any information that you find


Don't think that's correct Toon - pretty much no airlines will alliw non-service animals in the cabin unfortunately or else it would be easy peasey with cats and small dogs......


it was correct last year for sure....  as we know a few who have done exactly that.. it may be much different now but having said that the routes were not direct routes and not a uk airline

IATA is the International airline trade body, this link will take you to the website with their views on pets in aircraft.  I say views because they are a trade body, not a regulatory body, they don't make or enforce laws.  Guide dogs are permitted in the aircraft cabin if they have the appropriate training and you have the documentation to prove it.

If your flight is transiting via the UK, then UK law will apply while it's in UK airspace.  The UK Government does not recognise "companion animals", which effectively means that pets in cabins are not permitted in the cabin of UK registered passenger aircraft anywhere in the world; further, not all UK airports have regulatory cover for animals, so neither are they permitted in the cabins of aircraft travelling via the UK.

The UK Government issues a document which lists all the airports and airlines that it thinks will take pets in the hold; this link will take you to it.  User warning; as the document tells you, the document is only as good as the airlines that notify them of any changes.

As far as the UK is concerned for all flights departing/arriving or transiting UK airspace, if you book your pet on the same aircraft as yourself, you may well check-in with it, but it will go with your cases in the hold of the aircraft.  Some airlines require you to check it in at their cargo facility.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team


We got a few quotes from pet transport companies in Cyprus cheapest price €750 one way from Larnaca to Dublin...

The only pet friendly airline we could find is Lufthansa, who offer a service where you can carry the pet on board or in the hold (I think it needs to be under 8Kg). The cost for the pet is very reasonable rougly under €100.

We are exploring this option at the moment of sending the moggie with Lufthansa. But in the meantime for anyone looking for info, Lufthansas website has a lot of information and is worth checking out. See

Thanks - pretty much as I said and pretty sure it's almost the same for flights within EU only except for maybe one or two airlines - and not recent legislation either

What were the relevant departure and destination countries Toon?

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