Part time jobs at latvia


Im a mba aspirant from india planning to study at riga will i able to get good part time jobs at riga if so what will be the wages.Please guide me on the same.

Also do i need to learn any other language to survive in latvia other than english

Its an old question .. but worth considering the latest developments in Latvia.

The world is suffering huge rise in energy costs ... impacting manufacturers, transportation and domestic life. Many countries are actively involved in trying to find ways to ease the situation for its residents.

Many people are seeking second jobs / part time work to supplement income.

Latvia ? Oh Dear .... sad affair. It seems those in Govt have forgotten why they are in Govt.

Part time work is a good example.

Until recently - I could employ a person on an hourly basis to supplement my standing staff. This meant that anyone with suitable skill could gain extra money while still being legal. My company would pay taxes / SS as required based on the hours worked.

Everyone was happy. I had work covered. Person had extra money in pocket. Tax Dept received Tax revenue.

But now ? Govt has altered it so I am now required to pay at least a minimum amount per month to the person regardless of hours being less. This is their answer to the increased cost of living. Instead of working to find a solution as other countries are - they pass the problem onto the business community. The amount they set is such that I have had to suspend all part time work. I am also told that Jan 2023 - the minimum amount required to be paid will be substantially increased.

I can only see the 'black market economy' increasing as this takes further hold. A return to the days of split salarys ... Official + cash in hand. A loss to the Tax Dept's and making the overall situation worse.

But of course Govt officials will continue to live the good life .....

@solentlife And always will.Here you can vote but nothing changes same people stay in power