Help with Marriage Proposal!

Hi there,

I'm madly in love with my Latvian girlfriend! After several visits to stay with her, I've realised our long-distance relationship needs a full on commitment and so I'm ready to ask her to marry me and move to Latvia! I know she'll say yes (still crossing fingers) because we've already spoken about it, but I'm a little stuck in terms of what to do and where to propose!

I've started learning Latvian but I barely know the basics in all honesty, so it's pretty impossible for me to plan anything in the way I would here in the UK. It's in my nature to go all out so I'm wondering if any kind soul on this forum has any ideas or pointers for me!

I'll be in Riga for 3 weeks over the Christmas/New Year period. I have to leave 2 days after the New Year so although that'd be a natural time to do it, I feel I'd like to do it closer to the beginning of the trip (I'll be there mid Dec).

Anyhow, as I'm sure you can imagine, it's a huge step and so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!


Hello John.

Welcome to! :)

Best of luck for your proposal,

Hi John,

I'm very happy for you! I may be able to offer some thoughts on it, therefore we may move to private e-mail at

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Hi there,
John I think christmas is the excellent time to propse to your girlfriend you should meet her somewhere and get down on knees and  propose to her and Im sure she'll say yes .All the best and  god bless you.

How did it go? In my work we often get similar requests.  We take them out for a memroable experience like going husky sledding or bobsleighing and then pop the question.  Adds to the moment!!