Easiest way to be a Sole Trader? (complicated situation)

My situation is a bit complicated. I live in Romania, I lived here my whole life, and i do not know the language. I am Hungarian, i have my Hungarian citizenship. I am interested in social media marketing and doing it potentially outside Romania,Id prefer doing it in English, as i am learning the course in English.I found out that i need to become atleast a sole trader to do it legally.
My questions are:
1.Where and how can i become a sole trader, even if i work in another country.
2. Is it possible to do that, it seems logical, because i am an EU citizen.
3. How much would it cost me, I am still a student.
If you read this and know the answers, i am grateful to you.
4.Any articles that could help me? please link it
Edit: 4th question.

It is all about nexus.. For sole traders, that is based on where you, personally, live. If you are in Hungary, and live in Hungary, then your nexus is in Hungary and you need to register your business in Hungary. If you are in Romania, then your nexus is Romania. And you need to register in Romania.

But even a Romanian registered sole trader can do business in any language you want, with any country in the world you wish. Registering a local business does not mean you can not go international.

The other option is to set up an official company. Where the company is can be different from where you are. But the rules and laws varies between countries. And having a company, especially in a foreign country, can be expensive.

Thanks alot for your answer, that means that i have to set it up here in Romania, and if i go international then i can say that i am a Romania based marketing agency. Thank you again so much, do you know how much it costs in Hungary to be a sole trader? I read somewhere that it is 15k HUF.
What i am considering is to go to The Netherlands after school, and register as a sole trader there, because as an EU citizen i am able to do that, and i have to get a visa, or papers only after 4 months of staying there. That is awesome.

Let me get this straight. You speak hungarian, yet you come to an international forum to enquire about hungarian business laws? Van ott baj... :unsure


do you know how much it costs in Hungary to be a sole trader? I read somewhere that it is 15k HUF

Not quite. You are forgetting company and personal income taxes for one thing...

There are two business options for a sole trader in Hungary.

1) To set up a sole trader business. as a company. This requires a lawyer, and you have hire an accountant for the business. The lawyer may cost 50-100K HUF. The accountant 20K-30K a month. Benefit of this type of business is you can avoid paying some income tax if you have no income for one or many months.

2) The other option is to register as a KATA business. For this you pay (last time I checked), 50K HUF month, every month, month after month, even if you have income or not for those months.

I doubt the personal or business tax law in the Netherlands will be much different.  EU countries, IMHO, are not tax friendly for small businesses. But... a business in a western EU country may present a better "international reputation and expected standard", to those outside Europe, than those in central Europe.

Thanks, yeah it seems that the United States is better for small businesses.

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