electrical outlets

Should I replace my electrical outlets that got wet? Or can they still be repaired? Can I do a DIY job or should I call a professional electrician to do the repair?

The things are probably fine as long as they didn't get flooded out, but I'd call an electrician to check them out  anyway if you aren't familiar with handling electrics.
I'd do it myself, but I have a better than average idea what I'm doing.

Thanks fred :)

If you are going to attempt doing it yourself.  Make absolutely sure that there is NO power to the outlet or switch.

If the terminal on the back of the outlet is corroded, I would suggest replacing it.  Clean or strip the wire before reconnecting to the new outlet. 

If you are at all uncomfortable with doing electrical work, you should call an electrician.

Better safe, than sorry.

Better to call an electrician...

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