Looking for cook in Malabo

A team of Americans in Malabo are looking for a cook for their home.  Any suggestions of how to find one would be appreciated.

Hi, I have been living in Malabo for 2 years. If you are also in Malabo, u can check the offers magasine distributed by mediacom for free: U will find a lot offers for a cook.


Thank you.  I am in Malabo.  I am not familiar with this magazine.  How does one get this magazine?


Hi Allison,

Are you guys still in Malabo?

I too have not heard of the magazine, and also cannot offer any advise but wanted to hear if you were still here.

We are a few South Africans living in a house here. We always hear that there are many Americans here, but never see you guys???

Would just be awesome to meet up with some English speaking people (giggle).

Anyways hope you find your cook

Hi Alison
My husband and I arrived in Malabo a month ago. We are both gregarious and would love to meet English speaking people.

Dolly & Lazaro

Hi All

My husband and I arrived in Malabo last month. We are eager to meet English and Spanish speaking people. I am South African and my husband is Cuban.
We love music, reading, nature, cooking and table tennis.
We are also in esoteric stuff and would like to meet like minded friends.
If you are interested please reply via the forum and we can arrange to meet.

Dolly & Lazaro

Sir, i wish to apply for this position Because i love to share and gain  from  from other in this industry,Cooking is day to day learning and joining your family or company will expand the scope i had in the industry.while looking to hear from you ,i remain
your applicant Nyaba.

Hello Nyaba and welcome to Expat.com :)

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Please also note that there is the job section, where you may consult the job offers and even post your resume/CV.


Karen :)

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