Madagascar is really the place we would choose to live

My wife and I currently reside in Spain and Madagascar is really the place we would choose to live. We previously lived in Morocco for eight years, after leaving the UK in 2005.
We are retired and wonder how difficult it might be to move there?
We would like to bring a certain amount of our belongings with us, including our Land Rover.
But we cannot find the information that will provide us with the knowledge we need.
Can anyone give us that or some relevant information?
I have a lifetime of knowledge and experience, where I could be useful to an NGO.

Hi Nodrog,

Welcome on board  :)

Please note that i have created a new thread from your post on the Madagascar forum so that members can guide you.

Feel free to read the interview of Mark here, you will most certainly benefit from his experience : Mark in Madagascar: "I love the people here"


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