Am I too old to move?

Hi Everyone,

I lived in the US from the late 90's to 2004 on an L-1 visa with my family. Unfortunately, I divorced in 2004 and left the US a couple of years later. My ex-wife and kids stayed on and have lived there ever since. My kids who are now 30 and 27 years old keep asking if I want to go back there and live. I thought about an E-2 visa but my daughter got US citizenship a couple of weeks back and could go down the route of family sponsorship.

At 54 year old do you think I'm too old to make such a move at my age. I am married for a second time and not sure if I in turn would need to sponsor my wife or if my daughter can sponsor a step parent. I'm just wondering if anyone has been through this process with a similar background to mine?

Many thanks.

Age is an attitude, not a restriction.
If you fancy it, go for it.

Your wife will tag along. Considering processing times it will be around 12-18 months.
You will not be eligible for government programs as Green Card holders and Social Security/Medicare is tied into employment. Without checking it is somewhere around ten years. Not knowing your professional back ground - will you and your wife have to work and have you looked into employment?

As Fred said, age is not a restriction on anything your heart desires, as long as it's legal and not harmful to yourself or others.

At 55, my husband moved to a country where he didn't know anyone.  At 68, he moved to another country where he didn't speak the language and knew only 2 people.  He has flourished in both countries although his language is still abysmal in this present country.

Life is too short to say "I'm too old to do XYZ."

Thanks for the positive words of encouragement. We would plan to work. I was an engineer in the oil industry for 26 years and that is what took me to the States originally. So right now I'm looking at options for either finding an employer, buying a franchise or starting my own business.

My wife is a doctor and specialises in dermatology and is currently head of her department. Will be tough at her age to get through the US requirements. Perhaps look for an alternative for her.

Thanks for all your replies. The quest continues!

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