Garbage disposals?

When we were down in Ecuador past November we can’t remember if we saw any garbage disposals like they have in the United States where it’s attached to your sink my wife wanted me to buy one here in America and bring it down with us so we can install it in our sink but I told her that maybe there’s a reason for that like the plumbing can’t handle that type of debris.   Does anybody know if that’s the case? Do they use garbage disposals they’re the kind that’s attached to the bottom of the kitchen sink? Thanks in advance

There is a reason why no one puts toilet paper down in the toilet / the plumbing is very low pressure and cannot handle it.  Likely the same would apply to your garbage disposal unit within a sink.

Never seen them here in Ecuador.

Food waste to a compost bin.

Recyclable waste into a separate bin and left in a separate area for the people who collect it

Other waste into the main trash

Yeah I figured there was a reason we didn’t see them there.  glad I reached out before we wasted our money and bought one or worse yet screwed up our plumbing six months from now

Hi There All.

I'm not sure about the comment about the toilet paper here. So when one uses the restroom down there, if the toilet paper doesn't go into the toilet, where does it go??


So I’m don’t know exactly if you’re asking when you say down here do you mean what happened to the toilet paper that we flushed down the toilet in America? It just goes out the sewer system.   If you’re asking where they put the toilet paper once they’re done in Ecuador normally there’s always a trashcan right next to the toilet and as gross as it sounds they throw it in the trashcan     Now with that being said I’ve read a couple posts that people say that that’s no longer the issue and that you can flush toilet paper down the toilet in Ecuador but one I’m not sure if that’s true and be even if it is I think it’s just something they grew up doing in so even though you may be able to flush toilet paper down the toilet in Ecuador most still put it in the trashcan

One way to tell what the problems are in a given place - see who/what is advertised on the street to fix them.  I'd bet that in much of Ecuador, like Colombia, you see signs for plumbers plastered on every light and telephone pole in residential areas ("Destapamos Cañería Sin Romper" and the like) - in Colombia also, toilet paper in the plumbing can and does clog the system.  In Puerto Rico you see advertisements everywhere for roof repairs ("Sellado de Techo Profesional" etc.) - they build so many flat roofs and so many of them leak.  Why they don't have more sloped roofs is a mystery in a country that receives so much rainfall...

The main problems with the plumbing are poor design, poor construction and poor or no maintenance.  They often use too-small diameter pipes, or clay pipes that break that have been in place 50 years or more, that are poorly-designed and poorly constructed because everyone is always trying to cut corners and save money.

Poor design plumbing design is right, and very common in anything built before the mid 90s.

In our building, the drains were at least sized appropriately. However, our pipes don't have adequate air venting. Leads to frequent back ups and slow draining
I imported and installed an Oatey air admittance valve for our kitchen drain

I stayed at a Airbnb in Puerto Lopez. The shower had a half inch drain pipe. Constantly backing up.

Inspect the pipes in your property, and if you have the money, upgrade to 2019 international plumbing codes:

1.5" bath sink drain
1.5" kitchen drain
2" shower/bath drain
2" washing machine drain
3" single toilet
4" multi toilet on the same line
3" or 4" drain to public sewer, depends on local code

Plus air stack venting: 1.5" plumbing air vent connecting to main air vents is sufficient

Main air vent: 4" for area with freeze,  3" air vent no freeze. a condensate bend in main vent is necessary.

Practical how to advice: … ping-tips/

Thank you sir good advice I will definitely look into it

rriiccaarrddoo :

Now with that being said I’ve read a couple posts that people say that that’s no longer the issue and that you can flush toilet paper down the toilet in Ecuador but one I’m not sure if that’s true

Perhaps in the more modern cities in a new build fancy apartment complex, but generally you cannot. And people online may be of the view "well I flush the toilet paper and not had a problem". Obviously it doesn't block up instantly, but probably you should add a "... yet" to their statements.

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