importing my car to France, Portugal or Italy

I own a 2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid which I have imported to the UK from USA.
I want to use / leave the car in Bordeaux area, France, Algarve area Portugal or Genoa area Italy.
Rather than converting the car lights etc to UK specification, I am thinking of registering the car in one of the 3 areas listed above.
Has anybody got any advice etc as to which is the easiest area to register it in.
Adrian Hill.

In general, you can only register a car in a country where you are registered as living.

I was wanting to register as living in France, Portugal or Italy as I want to leave the UK.
I was wondering if there was any advantages in the Countries I listed over the other 2.

Hi again.

You can't register a car in a country unless you live there.

Advantages - none that I can think of; my only real thought is how much Brexit will screw up your plans as you'll have no right to live/work in any of those desired countries.

If you have UK plates on your car, post-Brexit, you will need Green card insurance issued by a UK insurer in order to drive it in another country, which you can only get if the car is registered to a UK address, once you move abroad, your UK insurance will no longer cover you and you will have to register yourself, then your car, then re-insure.

I'm guessing the same will apply in most other countries as they are all based on the same EU guidelines.

Thanks for the information.
I have decided to register it in the UK
Adrian Hill

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