Looking for new buddies

Hi all,

I’m new here in Shanghai and are looking to meet some new people to hang out, have a drink, visit the city,.. And also I’m looking for a job in tennis coaching if you guys can help me out or if you want to play with me I will be happy👍. Any WeChat groups recommandations will be appreciated also😊

Feel free to contact me😉


tennis  is popular sport here,
note your info, will recommend you if my neighbor or friend need it.

btw,how do you charge for one hour? and do you teach adult or child?


Hi Rike,


I take 250¥/hour and if you are 2 it’s 200¥/ppl.
And also if you take 10 lessons I will give you 1 free. I teach both kids and adults.
I speak French, English and Chinese.


hey allison
i am local here. horrible weather these days haha  txt me so we can chat


Nice to meet u here. Yeah we can catch but can’t do much for weather...😜

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