Hi to all. My partner and I is thinking to move to Norway (eyeing to Berden) we are currently residing in England, UK. Please find my questions below,

1. How is the job market there for English speaker individuals who have  5 years experience in FLT Counterbalance (ITSSAR) and a non skilled one?

2. In connection with question #1, is there any website where we can check for available jobs around the area?

3. We have save for this move but we're curious how much money do we need to start our life over there?   e.g. rental, utilities, food and other necessities.

4. Lastly, do you know any website where we can check accommodation rental for long term?

We would love to hear your thoughts guys.




the website has answers to a few of your questions, namely the job market and the cost of rentals. I'm not personally familiar with the job or housing market in Bergen so that's the best I can suggest at this moment. You can also try to find long term rentals on sites like airbnb or vrbo. They aren't SUPER popular in Norway but you can usually find a few places, if Finn doesn't help (there should be long term rentals available there)

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