1st time moving kids from to Shanghai. Advice in areas needed. Tia!

Hi Everyone,

Lovely to e-meet you on this channel. This is the first time I am writing here and I do urgently need some advice/ help.

I have been approached by my company to consider taking up a role in Shanghai and that means relocating my whole family from Singapore in 2020 for the first time in their lives (for the kids) to a foreign country. Wanted to connect with existing Singaporean families living in Shanghai and hope to understand more on the challenges and things to look out for living in Shanghai with kids. Will appreciate any guidance on area to live in & schools for my girls (12 and 9 next year).

In terms of cost of living of Singapore vs Shanghai, how much of an uplift will that be in terms of %?

Also, would appreciate advice on how I can apply for Visa to bring my helper from Singapore along with me to Shanghai as she is familiar with us and can look after the kids if husband and I need to travel for work in / out of Shanghai.

Many thanks in advance for any help/ advice provided.


Shanghai is a very Western city.  It's not like China at all. Just treat it as if you were moving from Singapore to Malaysia. It will be quite similar.

Unless your helper can speak local Shanghai or Chinese they will be at a disadvantage. You will be forced out of necessity to utilize the super expensive Western establishments. You will need to go local.

Once you are in your new job, have the locals help and assist you with assimilation. Make sure that your Z visa is all in place before you arrive and don't neglect the registration at the police station. This includes all your children as well. Company should pay for international schooling. Make sure that they do, local Chinese schools will reject them. International schools are expensive.

Keep your belongings to a minimum. New place = new life.

You should be RIGHT NOW connecting with your future work colleagues and setting up arrangements for your new life there.

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