Planning to move to the Philippines

Hello All,

My name is Rajesh & I have Just joined I'm 49 now & come from vibrant city called Mumbai, India.

I'm a Strategic Business Consultant serving the M&A, Business Development, Operations, Recruitment domain for business engagements in the Oil & Gas, BPO/Call Center, Engineering sector. Have traveled to most of the Gulf & part of APAC region with good connect with large business houses & clients. I'd served couple of clients in the Philippines as well, precisely in Makati & Batangas City (both were Call Center clients).

I'm planning to move to the Philippines. To help this move, I'm exploring some business consulting / on board opportunities with the local companies / business establishments / individual business owners to assist them in the areas of my expertise or any other suitable options that I can serve for.

Valuable suggestions / advise / connect from the members are welcome & much appreciated.

Look forward to connect with the fellow members.

Thanks & regards. 

Welcome to  Not speaking any local languages will be a problem for you, English only takes you so far.  Good luck.

Whwn you get settled in Manila let us meet up to formulate a value proposition for a blockchain platform.

Thanks...but I don't think language is a barrier especially in the PH. Most of the citizens can well communicate in English which is a global tool.

Hi...thanks for the message. As I'd indicated in my first post, I'm still looking to find some good opening in PH. I've my client in Dubai who are extensively working on Industrial Firewall using blockchain technology. We'll be beta testing this product in the industry-to start with may be banks but ultimate goal is to provide this box solution to end users like Petrochemical complexes, refineries, gas plants, electricity generation plants which are the vital assets to a nation & carries the top security tag.

Definitely would love to connect with you once I land in PH. Till then trying to find an option wherein I can get into with some good local companies (would be better if promoted by expats) by offering my services in various Business Development, M&A, Operations activities.

Thanks & regards,

Hello and welcome.  most people here understand English but do NOT speak it fluently  so will give no replies but will smile and accept all they can fleece out of you.  Welcome to the Philippines.

Yes..but my experience till this point time is good   especially in the NCR.


I´m sure you´ll be fine.

I've to...Survival of the Fittest

Thanks for the wishes

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