How to travel to a handful of countries over a 2 year period

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. My wife and I are retiring in early 2020 and we would like to travel to Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and into Italy staying in each country 3 months. The goal is to see where we may want to purchase a home. It seems renting a car is very expensive for that long of a period and purchasing a car has so many obstacles (non residents and traveling to different countries) that it does not seem possible. We are very open to trains but struggle to understand how we can get around to really explore and learn the area without a car. It would also seem impractical to try and take cabs/uber (if available) and I know in many instances, taxis would not be available as we prefer areas away from tourist centers. We initially thought we would purchase a car and possibly keep at a friends home in Austria but the registration seems not possible. Thank you again

I have been doing this for decades now, without using airlines, cars, taxis, or Uber. I live in Split, Croatia & soon in Valencia Spain. In near future I will expand the number of countries to fit in with my 12 month plan to live 3 months in 4 different countries. Later I might increase the counties & shorten the time in each country. I consider myself a thinker because no TV, newspapers or journalist with hidden agendas. I wrote an ebook 10 years ago about beliefs, effective & non-effective, the concept of fear, valid & invalid & host of strategies that can be used to live a life happiness, joy & bliss (without unnecessary distractions). I might be able to assist you if you discard any advice from vested interest groups & any form of marketing, especially ones showing you pretty pics. Hope to hear from you. Take care. Andre

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feel free to contact me. I am sure to be able to find a win-win solution to you.
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