Looking for advice please - Martina Franca or Ostuni??

Ciao everyone,

I am an Australian expat with an italian husband and looking to move back to Puglia. I have already lived in Monopoli and moved away but we are now looking to move back to the area and can't choose between Martina Franca or Ostuni. We have a little 18 month old baby boy and are looking to expand our family too. Would love to get some real honest opinions from expats in both towns preferably if you have small children and have given birth in the local hospitals - would love to know what your preference is out of the two towns and why? We really want to make sure we make the right choice for our family and that we choose an area where there are great services for children - nursery, sports, good schools etc.

Thanks so much in advance, really appreciate you taking the time to give me your opinions!


Hi Nikki, did you ever move to Puglia? We have recently relocated from Sydney to Monopoli. My partner is Italian and we have a 17 month old boy. We are looking for a daycare but have had no luck yet. I would love to hear where you ended up moving to and any tips you might have. Thanks, Cat:)

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