British girl living in Alanya

I  am living in Alanya is anyone out there? :)
I was super excited and confident to make the move from the uk to turkey after nearly being here for 5 years I’m feelings quite alone and small in the world. WHY?

Dear Aliyaa
Nice to hear that you share your feeling with honesty.  The world of friendship have different perspectives and expectations. I lived in America for 22 years and due to some reasons moved back to my home country Iran. Currently, I teach advanced level English. Just recently, visited Alanya beautiful beaches and very hot and Antalya. I enjoyed Turkey very much in regards to nature, culture, fashion  people and food. I am planning to move to Izmir within next few months for a long stay. May I ask, in your opinion, what are good qualities of a healthy and honest friendship? looking forward to hearing from you.

Its normal to feel that way because we just small humanbeings in this vast universe

Hi I am coming to Alanya soon. Can someone advise where I can but nice furniture please

I'm here now ;) welcome to my circle of friends :)

Dear Alicia British Lady
The world of wonder is always right before us to challenge and survive with pleasant times. You may feel alone, but surely your not alone. You're in my mind and I would like to meet you. May I ask, what are your life expectations?
Daryoush :)

Easy Daryoush,

She visited here 3 months ago and her post was friendly not flirtatious.

Have a nice day

Sincerely talking
Thanks for the comments. However, I had no intention of flirt or any similar motives, only communication.
Have a good night.

"However, I had no intention of flirt or any similar motives,"

"You're in my mind and I would like to meet you."


I live in the city of Tehran. If you ever decided to visit Iran, It will be a pleasure to show you around kindly. Also, I may visit the beautiful city of Antalya sometime in the future. Meantime, you may join the Whatsapp, we can chat. *** Okay
Have fun

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