How much could I expect a month when before tax salary is 60000 DKK?

Hey guys,
Have been offered a job in Copenhagen with a salary of 60000 DKK before tax per month. Pension scheme is not there but could for one suggested by company as individual pension scheme of 10%. I have been given a company apartment, which is costing me around 8000 DKK for 55m2, that would be deducted from my salary as well.
I need to know from the tax gurus out here as how much I will end up getting in hand every month please? And aslo, would that individual pension scheme's 10% would be counted as deduction in tax?

- Nick

Given that you are single, live in Gladsaxe municipality, yearly income 720,000 kroner  = tax will amount to 290.843,46 kroner.

To give you an idea of the tax level:
If the income is 750,000 kroner = tax will amount to 307.244,94 kroner.
If the income is 650,000 kroner = tax will amount to 252.573,34 kroner.

Regarding the pension:  Due to a normal pension scheme you would have to pay 1/3 and the employer the other 2/3 of the contributions. In this case, your contribution will reduce your taxable income. The contributions from your employer will neither be deducted or added, e.g. they don't influences on the taxation. However, when one day you'll retire to live on your pension, your monthly pension will be taxed.

Choosing this kind of a pension scheme, means that the savings won't be available before you retire, and then it will be paid as a monthly amount to you.

Expats may leave this country long before their retirement. They might want to bring their savings with them when they leave DK. If you choose such a scheme, the monthly contributions won't be deductible in your taxable income.

The most common pension percentages is respectively 5 and 10 %.

From the offered salary, I take that we are talking of a big company why I guess that there must be some help to get regarding the choice of pension scheme.

I guess that you'll pay the market  price for the flat.  That means that it isn't a taxable fringe.


Hey Nellie,
Thanks for responding. So that means monthly net salary would be 35763 DKK, please correct me if I am wrong :)
Regarding the apartment, I am not sure if it is market rate or something but it is company owned (or someone in the company i.e employee who owns it) and they are going to deduct the rent after the net income I get every month.
Regarding the pension, what would you advice?
If I chose such a scheme where pension is something where I wont leave the country, than it should be deductible right? What would you advice in any case?
How about feriepenger...12.5 % of earned last year? I think it is there in Denmark as well...its not mentioned in the contract, just that holidays are according to Holiday Act of Denmark.


Yes, the net salary will be the 35,763 kroner.

I am sure that the flat will meet the requirements for not being taxed. Do ask the HR to be quite sure.

You can read about the pension schemes here: … rk-denmark … slate=true … -insurance
As you'll see it isn't so easy to answer as we cannot foresee our future (or what the governments will decide in the future). Read about it, think about it, talk with others about it, and then take your decision. 

Regarding holiday, I would ask the company what they mean as our old holiday act is changing to a new one in these years, from one system to another. … minare.pdf
The normal situation for a salaried employée who has worked for the company the whole calendar year before is to get your normal salary under your holiday + 1 % (ferietillæg). You mentioned feriepenge 12,5 %, but that's only relevant if you have stopped working (out of job).
In your case, I would ask the HR if you can count on getting a full paid holiday next year. I think they will say yes.

Just to be sure (even if I don't think it will be a problem at all).


Hey Nellie,
Thanks for such an elaborate response. And sorry for the delayed reply was on vacation :)


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