GAMCA Unfit Hepatitis C, can I get work visa after 3 months re test?

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I hope you are fine. Recently in Pakistan I am declared GAMCA Unfit because of Hepatitis C (HCV) though in detailed blood test its not that serious. What if I cure it and reappear for medical test for GAMCA after 3 months and clear it, will I get the work visa? or am I life time banned?

2nd Question, being declared Unfit by GAMCA, can I come to Oman on visit visa??

Hepatitis C is not curable i.e. the viral load can be managed but it will ALWAYS be detectable in your blood.  This means that GAMCA will NEVER mark you as FIT.   With Hep C, the only GCC country you can work in, is UAE - and that too, if you come on a visit visa, do medical here and then convert visa.  Any other way would be through GAMCA and you will be marked as UNFIT.

Visit visa and medical results have nothing to do with each other.  You can get a visit visa but you can't work on it.

My gamca medical report is unfit in hep c.but I take a medication clearance.can I go to oman on visit visa then convert visa in work permit?
Please give me a detailed answer.

That is what I am trying to tell you.  You may not have active Hep C but the antibodies will remain for life in blood.  The test they do in Gamca and inside gcc, looks for the antibodies and not the virus. If positive, then you will always be marked as Unfit.

You can take her there on a visit visa and try your luck.  I don't know the rules for Oman but I can tell you that the Hep C test will be positive - now whether they give her a visa after that or not, will depend on their rules.  In most gcc countries, you won't get a visa on a positive test.

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Can someone guide me, I have someone in my relation who is a lady and his husband wants to bring him in Oman and she is hep c suspected in GAMCA after curing from the disease. Can his husband bring him in oman and run a GAMCA test for resident visa please advise.

I have hepatitis C genotype 3 doctor says to take 2 month medicine after medicine will my medical report will be normal

I have colour blindness

Will i get rejected in GAMCA medical

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Please anyone suggest me

My Hcv Reading 0.08 < Heptalogist said your not positive hcv but gumca medical 3 times I failed I did blood test Hcv ANTIBODY Hcv eclia Advance high sensitive test but report showing  Negative gamca medical unfit coming again I'm going to plan abroad Please anyone suggest me it's my humble request

Covered before.  GAMCA tests for HCV antibody not active virus.  Your antibody will be positive for life.


Gamca medical Dr said your not hcv positive your a in grey zone but they're confused I'm Also confused my Heptalogist Dr said < 0.8 consider negative > 1 consider positive

My hcv values coming 0.8 in elisa and clia method

Unless the test is fully negative ie not indeterminate, GAMCA won't pass you.

  • Recently I have done gamca test for saudi
  • They said my sgpt is high go and consult doctor take medicine and maintain good diet and eat fruits and green veggies boiled and come after ten days for repeat,will i able to pass this time?

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          I have done visa medical recently in Oman, i am on a visit visa. I was positive for HCV by Elisa method, value more than 2.5. They advised me to do PCR test.

As per above comments antibodies will always be present for lifetime in blood.

Please share if someone has clear information about below scenarios.

1- Can i get the work permit if the HCV is ''not detected'' in the PCR test?

2- What will be next step to get work permit if PCR results also show the ''HCV detected''?

Thanks in advance

I don't know about Oman but in other GCC countries, no.   

Hiv elisa test non reactive value 0.24

Gamca medical fit or unfit

I had done the medical of Gamka in which I was unfit due to being HIV positive, now I have done the elisa test after getting the treatment, the report of the HIV is non reactive, will I pass the medical with non reactive?

You have to pass the GAMCA test.  No other clinics report will be accepted.

Hbs ag positive but pcr is negative can i go to oman on work visa?

Hep B antibody test is what all GCC countries use.  Other than UAE, none of them will accept a positive result on that.  PCR is not accepted.

My anti HCV result is 0.75 by Elisa , can i pass gamca medical , please suggest me if any one know about it.

@XTang My anti HCV result is 0.75 by Elisa , can i pass gamca medical , please suggest me if any one know about it.

@XTang My anti HCV result is 0.75 by Elisa , can i pass gamca medical , please suggest me if any one know about it.

I can't answer that on the basis of sample over cut off.  A positive or negative result has different ranges depending on the machine used.   If you are positive, you can't.


i believe it will be negative until it is less than 1.0

i believe it will be negative until it is less than 1.0

As I said, it depends on the machine being used.  I have seen ranges where positive is anything above 0.25 even. 

@XTang i test my hcv and the are gud i got 0.59 ratio then also my agent is saying that i am not for saudi as in saudi 0.59 ratio is not gud plse help me with this ......????

Read above.  Forget the ratio.  Is it positive or negative?

@XTang hi what is medical screening in abu dhabi, did they check hepatitis c

They give visa in uae for Hep C positive if you are not in Healthcare etc.

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If I  become unfit in gamca medical for saudi family resident visa,,can I come to saudi on a visit visa ?

You can apply and see.  Ideally there should not be any issue.

@tasaaduqshah can you confirm what was your case output in this case. Did you cleared the PCR test and did they allow you to work in Oman?

@XTang on arrival to oman. What diagnosis test they conduct for hepatitis c is it PCR or Anti hcv.

@XTang on arrival to oman. What diagnosis test they conduct for hepatitis c is it PCR or Anti hcv.

Anti HCV test is done. If value comes positive in Anti HCV then they do PCR test. In the PCR if Viral load is not detected you are clear but if detected then you have to consult a gastroenterologist.

@Faisal Irshad if anti hcv is for example 1.2 and PCR is negative still i will get iqama??

@mateenanwer If PCR is negative then no issues. You are clear and will get iqama


For a hep C Elisa positive doctor,can they give U permit if PCR is negative and all other tests are normal in Dubai Saudia Oman Abu Dhabi Kuwait

@XTang hi

My anti hcv 0.6 is border line And Dr asked for repeat  anit hcv in a week but PCR and Elise is negative so tell me I will be fit or unfit after repeat anti hcv in gamca after one week

No one can tell you.  GAMCA will decide.  In case of any doubt, it is always UNFIT.