Electricity Costs at Manansala Rockwell

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I am considering to move to Manansala Rockwell from BGC. About to rent a 1BR 64aqm apartment. I have heard reports that the electricity costs are comparatively expensive (as compared to even BGC; Serendra and Bellagio). Wanted to find out how much does electricity cost for someone who is at the office (10 hours a day; Monday to Friday). I understand this can be subjective but trying to lock down a range at least.

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2 days a week around 500 pesos a month

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geolefrench wrote:

2 days a week around 500 pesos a month

I think this estimate assumes you turn everything off when you are not home and you don't use aircon and only fans.  Depending on which side of the building you are on you may have to run aircon and if you run tvs, computers, etc. when you are home I would bump that estimate to at least 5000 PHP a month as that is a decent sized apartment.

Much better to over estimate than under estimate. :top:

Thank you so much for your response! Really insightful. And I agree that it's best to overestimate rather than underestimate :)

Where I am it's about 12 pesos/kwh

Are the kwh rates variable per area i.e. Taguig vs. Makati vs. San Juan City vs. Pasig

Just for info we have a 3 bed 2 bath home in La Union, Bacnotan. In the summer our electricity bill is PHP 4,500.00 to 5,000.00 per month but we run one A/C unit in the master bedroom  10 to 12 hours 7 days a week and the main living area (two and a half HP. split system for a few hours most days.
Now that the weather has cooled the bills are around PHP 2,500.00 per month with A/C in the main bedroom only half the time and rarely in the living room, ceiling fans and pedestal fans most of the time, 24 cubic foot fridge/freezer, electric water pump, washer and dryer (rarely used), 2 x computers, 3 energy efficient lights left on all night, hot water in the bathroom shower occasionally.
I think a big thing with savings is the fact that we insulated the ceilings early in the piece with an R3.0 batts.

Cheers, Steve.

@Akhil88 I am buying a condo in Ayala circuit city.  Ayala mall is all right there and seems to being developed as a lifestyle place. I missed out on Rockwell when they first developed. Now looking back I wish I did. But my wife seems to think Ayalaland is just as good if not better because it's in the business district. What are your thoughts? Rockwell is already developed with profits already made and relatively older compared to Ayala land. 

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