Who fishes, and what do you catch? Do you have a boat?

Looking to retire in Luquillo, and I am trying to gather info, for hubby, who does like fishing in the US (lakes).

Looking for general info, especially as it relates to the eastern side of the island, beyond what I have observed of locals, either surf fishing, or going out on  wooden boats. I was told some, are spear fishing.

I have seen a young girl who caught a reef fish (blue) on squid, with a line she had wrapped around her hand, who had waded out chest deep.

And a man who went past the surf, to cast and then brought his two rods back to shore for his sons. And men who cast from shore.

I am not interested in sport fishing for fish that fight, because I believe fishing should be to catch what you eat.

If you own a simple boat, do you just drop anchor, and leave it in the water? I did not see ramps for a trailer.

Also rods and reels. Since it isn't something that fits in luggage, are there gear rentals?

I hear people fishing for snapper ‘chio’, smaller grouper ‘mero’, mahi, and various types of tuna.

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