Kunming Pollution

Just moved to Kunming from Chengdu, part of the reason was because I heard the pollution in Kunming is one of the best in China, and while it is better than Chengdu, it's only slightly better and is almost always over 100 and normally around 140. It gets better by the late afternoon but still.

For anyone in Kunming is it like this all year or does it get better? It's particularly annoying in the summer since obviously you want to open the windows and for some reason they have no air conditioning here.

I compared with the more polluted western cities like London, New York, LA etc and they are always around 30-50 or maybe 60-70 at the worst.

Comparing pollution from one city to another isn't that easy.

For instance, it is often considered that Beijing has "worse" pollution than LA. However, that is only determined by making a cumulative total attribute comparison.

The truth is that LA has chemicals that burn the eyes, and corrosive gases that tear at the skin. While Beijing is most particulates from coal fired heaters in the winter, and dust storms in the summer.

If you think it is worse, then it is worse. Everything is subjective.

If you want nice weather, move to Zhuhai or Hainan.

The pollution is measured with a lot of different parameters so covers a lot: https://aqicn.org/city/kunming/hk/

These are the standards for measuring pollution across the world.

My point was pollution wise it's not really any better than the other cities. I was expecting to be able to at least open the windows. It's kind of like the guy second in a hundred metre race is only .1 of a second ahead of the guy in third....however significant that is of course in a race but not so great for pollution.

Do you have any source for the stuff you mention about LA and how it changes from day to day?

I tried to edit my post but it took me to a weird info page and it said page not available anymore. It was only one minute after the post was made too. I tried several times but always the same error. Not sure who is moderating here.

Anyway I wanted to add that I don't think pollution levels are subjective...in fact they're extremely objective. Also Beijing's pollution is more likely from the huge coal power stations. Anyway you can see what constitutes the pollution from the link I gave which is currently under review.

Life is about tradeoffs.

I worked in the industrial zone of Danguang for the money and experience. But it was terribly polluted, dirty, and had terrible traffic. Yuck. But it was my decision.

I now live in Zhuhai. I make a mere fraction of what I could elsewhere, but it is beautiful, the air is wonderful and the pace of life is so calm. I traded off money for a higher standard of living.

I suggest, that if you don't like where you live, then move. Trust me on this, life is too short to miss out on the things that matter most to you. If I have any regrets, and I do have many, they all tend to revolve around me not taking advantage of living life to it's fullest when I had the chance and opportunity.

In the meantime, you can get a room air purifier. Get a 99.999% HEPA, and keep it running in your house 24-7. Also make sure that your air conditioner filter is washed. Take it out and scrub it down. That is a leading contributor to poor air quality in your house.

Best wishes.

I've moved many times, I've lived in Tianjin, Beijing, HeilongJiang, Chengdu and now Kunming. Pollution-wise they all seem to be bad any all seem to have the same problems or different ones. Already spent 5 years moving around trying to find somewhere half decent but to no avail. Like if you go to a place with few foreigners you tend to get the staring competitions going on turned up to 11 every time you go out. Unfortunately one thing you never hear in China is a mother saying to her child "don't stare honey, it's rude".

I'll keep an eye on Zhuhai pollution to see how it is, today it's the same as Kunming but below 100 so both have no problem. It's guangdong though which was totally vetoed by Chinese gf when we were looking for the next city to move to. Kunming is not the worst we've lived in, but it's basically the same old problems.

An air purifier is useful but doesn't allow you to open the windows when it's hot unfortunately. I had a friend from the UK whilst I was living in Beijing and he had several air purifiers but of course he still couldn't open the windows since no air purifier could keep up with that.

Since you didn't give a source for your poison gas thing in LA I guess that was just a joke.

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