Medical Insurance

My wife and i will relocate to the Lisbon area in the next  couple of months.  I have a few questions about medical insurance.   I have received a few replies from about contacts, Auto Club and a few others.  I've sent email messages to the providers of medical insurance but have not received any reply.   My questions are:

1.  Medical coverage for seniors over age 75 with an Irish Passport.   Can I obtain medical in Portugal for myself?   I've contacted Cigna and a few other providers but the cost is very high - about $1400 Euro per month.  Any suggestions or should I wait until I arrive?
2.  Can I get a 90 day waiver to get the medical coverage?   I understand I need to provide proof of medical insurance before I can apply for a residency card.
3.  We have a tax number plus a savings and checking account with Millennium Bank.   They cannot provide medical coverage for individuals over age 75.
4.   I've read that many property owners do not want to rent for long periods.  Is this correct.  We would like to rent a place for 1 or 2 years.
5.  We will be shipping our household effects.  Do we need to provide proof of purchase for our furniture to bring it to Portugal?

Any suggestions to make it a simple and easy process?   Thank you

Dan P. Plute

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