Best Way to Move To Japan From Puerto Rico?

Hello everybody, recently I decided I want to move to Japan for many reasons. I love their food, culture and certainly I love anime. I am on my mid 30's with an electrical engineering degree and a marketing degree. Worked in several jobs but nothing related to my studies. I am very good with computers. My main language is Spanish and i know English. Is very hard to get a job on the engineering field here, Ive been hunting for one for almost a year.  I decided if I am doing random administrative jobs here... Why not teach English or do random jobs in Japan while I live a new experience.

I have read A LOT about how to move to Japan without having money. I found programs like JET and other popular ones but none of them take you from Puerto Rico to Japan. I fed myself with information about Japan and how things work in different cities there. I decided I would like to live on Yokohama, Osaka or Tokyo... So I am asking, which are the best options I have to move there. Any programs that will take me from here to there?

@Truthseeker1 Hey, I'm from Puerto Rico too and in the future I want to move out to Japan because like you. I like their culture, food, and also anime. There's a problem for me and its that I'm young but I really wanna accomplish that dream so all I can to for now is search for information about Japan. I wish you the best luck in Japan:3 If you have any tips you can tell. That would help me a lot^^


If you  talking in Spanish I brings información:

entra a google y busca los requisitos para viaje a Japón como turista, o recurre a la página web del consulado Japines de tu país y encontrarás toda la información de tu viaje en línea, la misma visa de turismo se demanda en línea y los requisitos nuevos a partir del 12 de Setiembre del presente año están ahí disponibles, Japón a flexibilizado su postura para que las personas viajen a este Paid. Si tienes quien te haga una invitación será el mejor método, vero como te dije investiga tú mismo in situ, gracias.

@Raul Navarro Gipa Thank you so much, sir. This is very helpful for me.

The distance between Puerto Rico and Japan is 13346 km.

It's easiest to find a job if you are offered one before you arrive. The visa application process will then be handled by your company in Japan. All Japanese visas require a Certificate of Eligibility to be issued.