Asking for invoices in Japan

Hello everyone,

I premise that I am not moving to Japan but I am sure there are many experts here who can help me with the following question.

I live in Portugal and for business reasons I will be travelling between Osaka and Yokohama/Tokyo.

As it is a business trip, my company asks me to have all the invoices from restaurants etc to then make the reimbursement. In order to accept the reimbursement request, the invoice must indicate my company name and NIF (VAT number).

So I was wondering if in Japan it is possible to request an invoice with this data, since for them the NIF means nothing.

(I admit my complete ignorance on this matter)

Thank you in advance

Hello WalkingFridge,

It is likely that each restaurant has its own standard receipt format and may not have the capability to include additional information like your NIF.

However, if they agree to provide a written receipt, it may be possible to add the number to it. Then again, this is just speculation and there are many uncertainties involved.

Hopefully, someone in the Japan forum can offer more specific assistance regarding this matter.

All the best,

Cheryl team