Building a private pool and jacuzzi in a Japanese house

Hello everyone, we're looking to purchase a house in Japan within the next two years. Currently, we are in negotiations with several traditional countryside houses in Japan. We are aware that Japanese regulations regarding house extensions or additions can be quite strict and may potentially cause issues within the neighborhood sometimes.

Additionally, we are curious to know if it's feasible to build a private outdoor pool on our land (complying with legal requirements) and whether it's possible to install a private jacuzzi or spa, either inside the house or within a dedicated relaxation area in the garage.

We've attempted to research this information online, but we haven't been able to find any definitive information indicating whether such activities are prohibited by Japanese law. If anyone has insights into the relevant legislation in Japan, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! 1f917.svg

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You have raised an excellent question.

Have you managed to gather the necessary information about the feasibility of constructing an indoor spa or pool in your home?

Have you considered reaching out to a real estate agency to guide you to the appropriate department for assistance?


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@waylonpm Hello there. I can't answer your question I'm afraid, but I'd love to connect with a fellow American who lives in both Japan and America. If you'd like to get in touch, I'm at***. Thanks.

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If you are already negotiating houses in Japan then you must be working with a Real Estate Broker, They are usually connected to a Koumuten (construction firm) who do Reform/Renovaton work on the houses they sell. You would do best to ask your Real Estate Broker to introduce you, Jacuzzis aren't too common in Japan because the people already have a hot bath culture at home and go to Onsens when they travel. Residential pools are also rare mostly due to property size limitations. However large acreage homes can have pools. This site is in Japanese but you can use google translate.


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