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I had a small motorbike accident in Da Nang.  I need to do some follow up visit to a  hospital to get dressings changed etc.  I usually use FV at Bitexco, but that would be a bit pricey just now.  Any suggestions where I might go...not too long of a line.  An international clinic, takes credit cards.  I am situated near the zoo in Ben Nghe.

If it's just dressing change, any ward clinic would do it for about 55k.  That's the charge in VT.  Ward clinics in Saigon may charge a few thousands more.  There wouldn't be any need to register as with hospitals and no line (do not take a number) whatsoever for that particular service.  Credit card is not accepted though.

A ward clinic was where I took my husband for dressing change last year.  They're where the locals go, and although most of them do not look attractive on the outside, they're clean and good for simple tasks.

You won't need to speak or understand Vietnamese.  Just show them the wound, the nurse will know what to do.

Skin colour may vary, but the mechanics of how the stuff works never does. A dressing is pretty simple stuff so, as long as there are no complications that could be dangerous, skip looking for expat hospitals and find whichever local one has nurses with the cutest bums.

The cuteness of the aforementioned posteriors takes your mind of the pain - Well, it worked for me when I naffed up my leg.

Thanks guys

...I thought the video would have a cute bum.....not

I went to fv because of some swelling in my foot...seems it's only natural given the type of injuries...yep, a ward clinic would have been better and cheaper...but I had no idea about ward I know....thanks

I got a bad motorbike accident about 1 year ago.
I met with a French educated Vietnamese hand surgeon at FV Hospital in hcmc. She  was good.

thanks everyone, I went to FV paid 60usd, and was looked over nothing too severe, My doctor looked at the xrays and said there was no fracture, only bruising.  I did find out that the swelling in my foot was to be already 10.5-4e clodhoppers were growing exponentially.

Ciambella suggested a ward clinic and that (in this case) is the way to go.....

Thanks for all your help.

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