Transfer car from KSA to UAE

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I hope you all are doing well. Just want to know how can I transfer my car from KSA to UAE as I will be moving to UAE in another couple of months. Also, want to know whether I can get UAE license without giving any test just by converting my KSA license? Is it possible?

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Please approach any agency for transferring your car. it is possible.
converting the license from KSA to UAE depends upon which place you will be resided.

Car transfer is not an easy procedure so try to find an agent.

And no, you won't be able to directly convert your KSA license.  The only benefit of a GCC license in UAE is that you will directly go to a road test.  If you pass, you will get UAE license. If you fail, then you will need to do classes before another one.

I will be residing in Dubai. Is it possible to convert my license or need to give test as mandatory? Also I want to know which place in UAE can get license easily?

I already answered your question above.    Read carefully.  You CANNOT convert directly if you are expat having a Saudi license - a road test is involved.   But if you are a Saudi national, your license will be converted.

And what do you mean which place?  It's all through RTA in UAE so not much of a difference in testing methodology.

Abu dhabhi

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