looking for new friends from Wales

I'm from Mexico, and I'm deaf, but I can write like communication, I don't always speak very well.
I'm looking for Welsh people so that I know them and make friends. I'd would like to know some words in Welsh
Do you understand what I said?
Is anyone here from Wales? Who wants to be my new friend?

Welcome to the Forum :)

Have you moved to Wales, if so what area are you residing in?

Just a little fact for you. Welsh is a very old language and has not changed much in its history, making it one of the oldest spoken languages that are still spoken today.

As with most countries depending on where you are, there are different dialects. In Wales, it doesn't change much but the North and South have a couple of different words for the same meaning although where ever you are you will be understood whatever you say.

These are some of the basic words......

Bore da - Good morning
Prynhawn da - Good afternoon
Noswaith dda - Good evening
Nos da - Goodnight
Helô / Hylô - Hello
Shw mae?  - How are you? (South)
Sut mae?  - How are you? (North)
Croeso - Welcome
Hwyl - Bye
Hwyl am nawr - Bye for now (South)
Hwyl am rwan - Bye for now (North)

Ie - Yes
Nage - No
Diolch - Thank you
Diolch yn fawr - Thank you very much
Os gwelwch yn dda - Please
Esgusodwch fi - Excuse me
Mae'n flin gyda fi - Sorry (South)
Mae'n ddrwg gen i - Sorry (North)
Chwarae teg - Fair play

thank you =)

Google translate has a Welsh vocabulary, so perhaps will be useful.

Living near Llandysul

Sailgirl wrote:

Living near Llandysul

A lovely part of Wales  :heart: