Information on Jawasat

I got married in Saudi to my Phillipino wife in March/April 2017 and were she transferred to my Iqamma as a dependent at that time. We both left Saudi in August 2017 on final exit since my contract with Aramco expired. There is now a possibility for me to work in Riyad and do I want to know how to verify if my and my wife details are still on Jawasat. Will we be issued with the same Iqamma numbers we had before. The reason is that once I have a work visa and my Iqamma I want to bring my wife to me in Saudi.  I was told that I just need to take our Saudi marriage contract to Jawasat and a visa will be issued after the fees have been paid

HI. As per my experience, you will get a new IQAMA number.  Secondly, once your Iqama is issued, you can pay the family fee & apply the Family visa, under which you can add all your dependents in one go. You need to submit your Marriage certificate while getting stamped the Visa in the embassy currently you are living. Br/Bala

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