Cheapest cities in Colombia

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Budget is an important consideration when moving to Colombia. Ideally, expats would settle down in a city in Colombia where the cost of living is low but where they could also enjoy a decent quality of life. Would you be able to give a few tips to someone planning a move to Colombia by answering the questions below?

What are the cheapest cities in Colombia?

Why are they cheap? What singles them out as a city where the cost of living is low?

What is the average budget for one person living in these cities?

Is it easy to find a job as an expat in these cities? What is the overall quality of life like?

Are they expat friendly? Would you recommend these cities to someone looking to settle in Colombia?

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Hi Bhavna

Here is the website I used to pick Armenia as the city I wanted to live in. Of course i visited for a while before my final decision.

You can also check out the crime rates as well. Hard to beat Armenia when you weigh out all the factors.

Hi CanadaDoug, thank you for the feedback  :)

No regret so far, i hope ?


I imagine Tumaco is cheap..LOL

Or Quibdó ..JaJa

Thank you for that link.   Super interesting and useful.

I have spent a few months living in Manizales and I love the city and climate there

I find Armenia a very decent place to live.  Wife and I live at the Barrio Limonar nice place.  The Centro is very busy place to be around.  We have purchase our groceries and utilities at a very low cost.  Love the weather even though it has rain a lot lately weather is great.  We have remodeled our home within our budget and looking great.  I received my spouse visa in Miami and my cedula de estrangeria here in Armenia.  Again Armenia is a great place.

Any of you based in Santa Marta? I am moving there in the fall (I am here now actually).  I am looking for a nice quiet area to live in and any good athletic clubs that may have a lap pool.

Would love to hear more about Santa Marta as well.

good luck with your move Santa Marta
try Prado or Bavaria neighborhoods.
Prado is closer to beach and the historic center...about 5 to 10 minutes walk.
Bavaria is about 30 minutes walk...yet by taxi its minutes away.

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