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Our family moved to Mahe from RSA about three weeks ago. I am homeschooling my two little ones (3 and 5 years old) but they are missing their friends. Is there any homeschooling groups on the island? Or any mom keen to meet up once a week for the kids to play and to help this mommy to keep her sanity.My kids are very Afrikaans but knows basic English. Good opportunity for them to start learning more English and even some French?

Homeschooling is not really practised in Seychelles. But if you want your kids to meet other kids a great way to do this would be to enroll them in activities such as swimming (at the Roche Caiman national swimming pool), dance or music. Lots of kids both citizens and residents meet there and they have a lot of fun together! You will also get to meet parents and it’s a great way to start. My friend also has young kids that age, send me a private message if you would like to reach out to her. We are locals by the way.

Hi,  we are in the process of moving to the Seychelles and I was also wondering about homeschooling.  My 9yr old is in a home school set up (about 60 kids ).  They are doing the Abeka Christian Homeschooling System.  What are you using with your little ones and did you have to apply to do homeschooling with them 💐

We are also a homeschooling family and we live on Fregate island. I’m looking for activities that our girls (5 and 7 years) could do every Monday. We only have our boat available on Mondays, it arrives on Mahe at 7:30am and then it leaves at 4 pm. I’m looking for activities that the girls could join privately (while other children are at school) or in group for them to meet other children. Do you have any suggestion?

Hello, we are in the same situation, could you suggest the contacts? Thank you

Hi there

I apologise to not have any luck on a playdate for your girls...I happened to see your post and I'm investigating moving to the Seychelles!

I am in RSA, I'd love to hear about your experiences now that you are there and what type of industry you are in? My mind slaans toe as to how I would ever imagine going about this.


I am also looking for my toddler he is just 2 years now. Looking for some fun activities for him.

Hey do I hav your contact details?
I hav a toddler 2 years old I am also looking for some fun activities for him or some friends as well.

Hey, I live on Mahe and homeschool my 4 year old and 2 year old. My what's app is 2565486 if you want to get together.

Hey, I live on Mahe and homeschool my 4 year old and 2 year old. My what's app is 2565486 if you want to get together with your kids, we'd love to visit Fregate one day!

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