Panama’s Pensionado visa

If i have a Panama Pensionado visa can I work from Panama for a U.S internet company.

not legally and a pensianado visa is a retirement visa ,, would keep you from getting a job .. i have a cedula and the pensianado visa and still i would need a work permit to work legally

i back up ,, yes you can work for a us based internet company i was told today ,, i was told they pay you in a bank in the us not much they can do about it unless you apply for soc sec etc, here ..

Yes, you only need a work permit to do work inside Panama, remote work being a digital nomad is perfect. The pensionado visa if you are single requires $1000 USD/ month from social security or a pension. There are many other options if you can't meet that.
Please consider contacting me if you need a good honest company that can help you with the Pensionado or other visa programs.

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We are looking for a good attorney in David who can help us get our Pensionado.  Would appreciate names and phone numbers please.  Also your experience in the process.  Thanks

Marcos Kraemer Search the blog for “residency” for posts on our experience. He has many very happy clients

You can message me directly for Pensionado questions.

We are just looking for an attorney in David to get the process started. My email is ***

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Please private message us directly your preferred contact.
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My family and I are moving to Panama next month. I'm 100% total and permanent U.S. Air Force Veteran. I served 8 years. I'm interested in Panama's Pension Visa Program. I want to use my disability income to qualify however I'm not sure how I can obtain the documents with the verbiage they are requesting. Do you have any insight on this? Thanks in advance for your help.

That sounds like a question for a lawyer. There is a link 6 posts above.

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