Managing Cronic pain issue in Cambodia,

Greetings I will soon be making my way to SR for the purpose of retiring, I use to be a highrise Ironworker, a two storie fall has left me busted up over 30+ surgerys finds locomotion a laboris and painful proposition. at one time not so long ago you would be hard pressed knowing I had any such issues, the recent war on opioid medication froced me to look over seas, to have any normal function in my twilight years, my question is this, will I come across the same barriers in Cambodia? I've been told that there is no such resticed stigma, and it's a quick fix proposition, his knowledge was something he heard, can anyone shed some light on this subject, I can't be the only one who suffers cronic debilitating issues, I would truly greatful for for any I'm first had knowledge on this issue...
Cheers and best wishes

If you can manage your pain with the correct dosage and also keep away from drinking, then it’s great but if your inclined to substance abuse, no no , it happens to many expats drinking and pain meds don’t mix so be careful, I’m not sure I could do it and I do not even drink, but just go down a few streets in pp and you will see some burned out expats mixing pain meds and 50 cent beers , so if you can control your dosage great but if you cannot , don’t come here, it’s not pretty to see , and you do not want to be one of those guys, but also living with pain isn’t a option, good luck to you

I don't party or do street drugs, drinking little if ever, I had a beer on the Superbowl, before that it was the 4th July, people who have legit pain issues, never abuse their prescribed doseg, the medication does not effect them the same way, there is little to no feeling of ufoeria,,I have been bucthard  by the knife of the surgeon, not only am I trying to function,, but walking without assistance, with my head up like a normal man, the ultimit goal is to not suck on the end of;a 12 gage... Cheers and best wishes!

PS I have been on PM for over 15 year's, during that time no one knew, I was on them, I fogot to thank you for your reply, You expressed your concerns forthe pitfalls that comes with there use, but never said "yes you can manage chronic in Cambodia" Cheers and best wishes!!

Yes you can buy any pain meds in any pharmacy in pp Vicodin’s, Valium , zanex, sounds like your ok and this is the place for you easy to get cheap and no prescription needed, I saw a guy buy 200 Valium, and 200 Vicodin’s, easy , not so easy in Thailand or Vietnam, if you need weed contact me private message I know a good source, but once again every tuk tuk driver will sell you weed, but I know a place where you get double the weed half the price , to me you sound like you got this under control, and chronic pain is not worth it, come here no problem with meds if they don’t have what you want they will order it , sounds to me like this is the spot so easy to buy anything opioids included , just walk in buy and leave legal and no questions asked, but weed , be somewhat discrete, but walk down any street you will smell people smoking , I’ve seen many bars that they smoke openly at , I would recommend you do not do this , go to your apartment smoke then go out no one will hassle you , no need to smoke in the open just asking for a cop to get 100$ off you , but it’s all here, it’s just some expats take opioid and drink, you sound like me maybe a beer or two a week, your going to be fine here, give me the name of what you use I will check out my pharmacy guy , not knowing you I just wanted to be cautious, but if your not a big drinker your good welcome to cambodia!

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