ATM withdrawal limmits

Can anyone advise daily limits for withdrawal  on Bali ATM m/c
I have an Ausrtralian debit visa card but cannot find an Atm that will dispense more than 2M IDR
I have checked with my Australian bank and they advise it is set by the Indonisian bank although my bank charges me $4.50 for each withdrawal  regardless  of size.It is to thier advantage.
Can anyone advise where,  or what I can do,  so  I can withdraw more than the 2M .
Thank you.

My limit (UK bank) to local ATM was 2.5 million per transaction but I could get a maximum of 6 million/day. I haven't done it in years so that might have changed.

You might be able to walk into a bank, card and passport in hand, and withdraw cash - Never tried but the worst that can happen is rejection.

Mine is 10 Million a day with Permata max 2 mill per withdrawal. It depends on banks and networks. I can only transfer through the internet 25jt per transaction but bca let's me do 50.

Another possibility would be to use internet banking to transfer to one of the better known money sending companies.
That may not work out cheap but I've never done it so you never know

Yes some banks will allow you to go inside with your visa and passport to withdraw money usually 10million at a time but I can’t for the life of me remember what banks,
Quite a lot south east Asia banks do this
you can use quite a few money transfer companies also for pick up at a post office for example I wouldn’t advise to use WU as the rates are extremely poor
They are a few top up Visa/ master card companies that don’t charge for atm use say for aus$2000 per month but free to use in a shop/ restaurant upto aus$ 75,000 per year
Another option is open an account that you may have in aus (hsbc for example) and set up for overseas (if you can in aus) so it’s free to use in 1 or 2 named country’s with a minimum monthly deposit

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