Is it dangerous to celebrate new year in zona colonial?

It must be outside midnight to celebrate. Is it dangerous?

Most people will be on the Malecon which will be closed to traffic. You need to take normal precautions.

Also a section of Lincoln Avenue is closed for tonights festivities and that should a safe area to celebrate.

The other are closed to traffic is Avenue Venezuela which is populated with bars east of the Ozama, but I would not recommend that area tonight.

Road closures: … #gallery_3

Avenue Espana on the Malecon Este will be crazy too but again only recommended for those with friends.

Be aware the metro and city buses stop service early today. Taxis will be hard to come by later and avoid the private hires unless known.

Don't do or go where you wouldn't go with people you don't know, then you get the stupid prize!  Common sense & a modicum o smarts will allow you to have a great time, Big crowds  &   being with friends will give you many smiles.  Safer than Times Square. BTDT more than once.

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