How to file a case for child support and physical threatening?

Hello there,

I had been in relationship with a Bangladeshi guy for 3 years. I am pregnant of his kid for 34w now (we haven't make the ADN test and he currently refused his responsible). He owned me money and I just have the transaction records on Payoneer and Paypal for evident (no paper for it).

This morning, he sent me a message with the physical threatening content:  "You want to be harmful and fuck up my reputation to my community? Trust me, I can do more than that? Don’t trust me? Then try me if you have guts. It costs only $29 there. It’s the minimum package there. I have done my homework  already! Okay, there is more. How about you get bitten up in middle of HCMC Dist 1? and that shit get recorded? It costs only $55.50.  I know you know it too. Don’t agree? Then challenge me, and ask me to play the game!"

For these issue mentioned above, I would like to know which government department I can file against him for child support and physical threatening? Can I do it online? I currently can't fly there due to my pregnancy.

Please help!


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You should go to police station directly or catch up lawyer. Hope you get a  good result.

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