Dog Transport from United States to San Miguel de Allende

I will be moving to San Miguel de Allende and need to get my dog there. I believe he is too big for the airlines to allow in the cabin and due to his breed (Boxer) he is not allowed to be shipped in Cargo. With that said, are there any recommendations on how to get your pets to San Miguel de Allende and/or recommendations for dog transporter(s)? Leaving him behind is not an option. We're a package deal.  Thank you!!

Starwood Pet Transport is supposed to be good.

Where do you start out?  We're in Texas and intend to rent an SUV and drive it to the border (we're talking multiple animals here)  There a Mexican transport service will pick us up and carry us to San Miguel.  Expensive, but then we don't do it every day.  And by the time you figure the airlines and the hassle....

I just received a referral from the location where I board my dog. Apparently, there is a local vet in Dallas by the name of Dr. David L whose office has a relocation/pet transport service as well. Apparenlty, he handles this via I filled out information for a quote (which can take up to 5 business days) and will let you know if its astronomical. If so, I may need to follow in your foot steps. Any recommendations for the service you are using across the border would be welcome. Thank you for the response!

Yes, please let me know when you get your vet's quote.  The track from the border to San Miguel will set us back $950.  But we figure by the time we buy 2 plane tickets and pay for transporting all the critters to Leon and from there by shuttle to San Miguel, we're probably close to $950, too.  But again, we have 2 dogs and "several" cats.  And just like in your case -- we're a package deal :-)

Yes, please let me know if you find out a price range per pet or per pound  ;) or per crate... provided a prompt and detailed response but cost for one (1) 50lb dog was $5750. Too bad I can't just buy him a seat on the plane; that would be a lot less expensive and I'd enjoy the company. :-)  However, due to his breed he also is susceptible to brachiocephalic. With that said, I'm looking into ground transportation carriers. If you have any recommendations please let me know. In the meantime, I will continue to keep you updated on what I find out. Have a great day!

That is totally bizarre -- who could pay that?  Let me ask my husband tonight about the contact info for the Mexican outfit that will send us the driver.  We have a total of 6 critters, and $950 from Laredo is steep but not outlandish.  We had considered driving, but both of our cars are small, and then what would we do with a car in San Miguel, right?  I'll get back with you tonight.  Marty

Yes please keep me updated!  I am looking at the same but my dog, with regular nose, is 55#.  Why isn't there an airline that would let them be passengers!

Our big dog is 55 pounds, too, but regular nose.

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