dogs in San Miguel de Allende

My husband and I will be moving to SMA in March or April 2018.  We spent 6 weeks exploring the city and I never saw a dog in a taxi or on a public bus.  Does anyone know if dogs are allowed on public transport and in taxis in SMA?


I can't speak for the buses, but we are told by taxi drivers that dogs are not permitted. Of course, there may be exceptions - small (purse) dogs? Also, UBER drivers might see things differently.

I will be moving to SMA in April. Our house is in Los Frailes.  When we arrive we won't have a car so will be taking buses or taxis into centro.  I don't know if I can bring my dog because it doesn't seem safe to walk into centro from Los Frailes because of the traffic.  My dog is used to being with me all day at home on my farm.  I'm thinking he should stay here.


From what you say your conclusion seems correct for your situation. If your dog can remain on your farm with care and companionship that probably is a better situation for everyone. Living in Los Frailes without a car is hard enough. We stay in La Cañada (just above Los Frailes) when in SMA and so have some idea of how far it is to walk out to the bus stop on Salida a Celaya and how quickly taxis actually come when called. However, you may be younger, in better shape, and more patient than we are.

With a car, the Los Frailes and La Cañada neighborhoods are pretty much ideal for people with dogs. Assuming your house is pet-friendly, is there any way you could drive to SMA? If so, not only would your dog be able to come along, your life in Los Frailes would be so much more enjoyable.

Our house is at the top of Los Frills 10 minutes walk from the bus stop.  I took the bus a few times while I was visiting in November.  The ride into centro was 10-15  minutes.  I don't see a reason to drive into centro since it scares the heck out of me! Once we settle into our home we will look for a car.  I'm still not sure driving in centro would be a good idea.

Your dog is family...he will miss you and not understand the desertion.  I am sure you will find a taxi driver that is an animal lover....  Your dog needs you and he will adjust to any condition as long as he has you to look up to....  Please take him with you....

Hello Kate,
I will be moving to Los Frailes in February with a Siamese cat. I don’t know about taxis but my cat goes many places with me in Uber. She has a carrier and i take her to the park and restaurants that allow pets.
I do not own a car and do not intend to get one just yet as Uber is quite cheap and I don’t have to worry about parking etc especially going to the Centro.

I wish you and your husband the best and welcome to Los Frailes.
Best wishes, Flowerangel.

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