London Visa for Filipinos who live in France & married to French man

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I would like to hear from anybody who already went to London as tourist. It would be great if you can help me with detailed processing of the visa. By the way, I am a filipino and currently residing here in France. I hold a titre de sejour and I am married to French man. I heard about EEA Permit but the instructions I read in UK Embassy were not clear and give me some confusions. Also, been being resourceful in google but no certain topic or blogs that can assess me. Hope anybody here can share their experience, would be a great help! Thanks

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You don't need a visa or permit if you already hold an Article 10 residence card in France and are either travelling with or going to join your partner in the UK.  This link explains the process.

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So upon reviewing the link shared to me by Cynic, I learned that I need to get an EEA Permit at UK Embassy. Yes, I hold a resident card (2 year Titre de Sejour - Vie Privee Familial) but it was issued to me "biometric".

"Documents issued on any other basis, for example (biometric) residence permits issued under the national law of another Member State are not acceptable and do not exempt the holder from the requirement to obtain an EEA family permit."

Also stated there:

Resident card should state "Article 10 of Directive 2004/38/EC" or residence card should feature the wording “Residence Card of a Family Member of a Union Citizen”.

I still hope anyone who has the same situation with me and already travelled to London can enlighten or can share with me how you process this all.

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Here's an instruction from a filipina who already tried to process the EEA Permit to visit London. Watch the youtube link below:

EEA Permit is applicable to those Filipino passport holder married with EU national whose resident card has no remarks indicated that you are a spouse of a union citizen or article 10. EEA Permit is FREE and need to be applied at UK Embassy. You must also travel to UK with your husband to have this permit.

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